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Parallel Cipher 2016

Northern Charter, Newcastle 2014

Photography Space, Northumbria University 2014


Installation view of Parallel Cipher at Northern Charter 2016


Parallel Cipher

Parallel Cipher is a twin screen film installation in which the forest emerges and retreats in visibility from within its own blackness. Charles Danby & Rob Smith move through a series of forests at night, filming in the pitch black, and navigating using light from the flash of a separate stills camera. Each camera flash fixes a single image frame within the film, illuminating the forest directly in front of them, and imprinting it momentarily on their retinas. Their movement is determined moment-to-moment through an unfolding relationship of being with the forest, its paths, obstacles and routes. As they move a single continuous forest emerges, seen through image fragments of industrial lumber, tracks, fauna, and the enchantment, ritual and suspense of literary, television and cinematic fictions.

Viewed across two screens the film is a synchronised recording of the artists' parallel movements through the forest. Its audio track reveals the continual movement of the artists within the forest. Flash units and light sensors located in the installation space react in real time to the image flashes within the film. These intense flashes are visible within the immediate area of the film, and are transmitted externally as light bleeds through doorways and windows into the spaces, architectures and city beyond.

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All images installation views from Northern Charter 2016