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Lowick Lime 2017-ongoing

Dryburn Limeworks
Quarry Visualisation

Animation of pointcloud produced through photogrametric survey of Dryburn limekiln



Since 2017 we have been meeting with the Lowick Heritage Group to discuss their initiative to restore a nineteenth century lime kiln on the edge of the village. It is the last remaining kiln of the eleven that served four quarries in what was once a major lime producing area in the North East of England.

The proposed restoration forms a complex site that draws together industrial heritage, tourism, rural economies with geological and material processes. It is in this context that this project explores how the Dryburn lime kiln can produce new narratives of the lime industry in relation to the area, be an active part of the composition of this hybrid rural-industrial landscape and generate new futures within it.

Through this community led activity we are developing proposals for micro-industrial lime production on the site of the historic lime kiln, an action that will support the restoration of this culturally significant structure through the production of the mortar required for its repair, development of a skills base that can assist its maintenance and providing a focus for tourism in the village, contributing more widely to its economy.



Archaeological investigations with the Lowick Heritage Group at Dryburn Kiln

Prototype lime kiln for small scale lime production





A proposal to mark the perimeter of the now hidden quarry that provided material for the Dryburn lime kiln through a collective activity using smoke flares, offering a speculative tool to surface the multiple histories and enagements with the materialities of lime at Lowick.