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About Charles Danby & Rob Smith

Charles Danby and Rob Smith have been working collaboratively since 2011. Their work explores site and land use in the transforming industrial landscape of the UK. It draws on histories and legacies of British Land Art practices, exploring new approaches to site-based contemporary art making within the material and digital environments of bordered land sites such as quarries, islands, forests, and national parks. The work uses video, photography, social practice and digital technologies alongside curatorial and archival approaches. It investigates the ‘forming’ and ‘becoming’ of site as time-based event structure. It presents a fluid 'distributed' model of site that extends through time, scale and location, proposing plural possibilities of new relationships between human/ non-human and site/non-site.

Charles Danby studied at the Slade School of Fine Art and is a Senior Lecturer at Northumbria University. He is a member of NEUSCHLOSS, a group pursuing progressive gestures in exhibition making, arts pedagogy and archival futures. Projects include Das Trauman at Baltic (2015) and The Place of Dead Rhoades (2015). He was editor of Tate Tanks Programme Notes (2012) for Tate, London. Recent curatorial projects include White Lies: Estelle Thomson at Oriel Sycharth (2015), Animated Environments at Siobhan Davies Studios (2011-12), Epilogues: It Started With A Car Crash at IMT Gallery (2011), and Grand National - Art From Britain at Vestfossen Kunstlaboritorium, Norway (2010).

Rob Smith studied at the Royal Academy Schools and is an artist and independent researcher. Alongside his individual research he is co-director, with artist Rebecca Birch, of Field Broadcast, a live broadcast platform that developed through their independent art practices. Recent Field Broadcast project partners include; LUX, Bournemouth University, Camden Arts Centre, Near Now at the Broadway Cinema,The National Trust, Office of Experiments, In Certain Places and Wysing Arts Centre. For more information visit